FasSeal-ATS™ Anaerobic Thread Sealant with PTFE


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FasSeal-ATS™ Anaerobic Thread Sealant with PTFE
  • Forms a tough, insoluble, vibration-proof seal.
  • Allows for easy disassembly of parts when required.
  • High-speed curing time without shrinkage and resists galling and seizing.
  • Resistant to petroleum, butane, propane, natural gas, water, steam, refrigerants, chlorine, acids, oils, gasoline and more.
  • For use on inactive metals as well as conventional materials. NOT for use with oxygen.
  • Recommended for air conditioning lines, hydraulic and pneumatic lines, air compressor hoses, plated flare fittings, sprinkler installations, housings, plugs, pipe threads, fuel lines, steam lines and natural gas lines.
  • Temperature Range: -65°F to 375°F (-54°C to 191°C)
  • Pressure Range: Seals to 10,000 PSI (689 bar) after application and then to the bursting strength of the pipe after curing.
  • One year shelf life when stored at 40°F to 80°F (5°C to 27°C)